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History of this Family
John Brice was born about 1670 to 1680 and lived in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire.  His son William Brice (1704) moved to Stoke Goldington, Buckinghamshire, where he married.  William's son Robert Brice (1743) moved to Kings Somborne, Hampshire, where he married.  Robert's son Moses Brice (1778) married and had his first son (also Moses) in Kings Somborne.  Moses then travelled to Essex where he had another 2 children. Moses had a further 3 children in Wigtown, Scotland where he was believed to be the butler at Penninghame House.  Penninghame House was sold to the Conservative MP, James Blair, in 1825 when it's believed that Moses moved to Southampton in Hampshire.  His youngest son James Alexander Abercrombie Bryce (1822) (see From Brice To Bryce below) worked as a Chief Officer for P & O Shipping in Southampton achieving his First Mate Certificate at the age of 28.  James died 8 days before his youngest son Arthur Abercrombie Bryce was born in 1866.  After his death, 5 of the children stayed with their mother (including Arthur) and 3 went to orphanages in Essex.  Arthur also worked for P & O until they closed their operations in Southampton, when he moved to London and set up a laundry business with his brother Walter.  They had two sisters working there as dressmakers, Sarah and Harriet Culff.  Arthur married Harriet and Walter married Sarah.  Later, Arthur became a tram driver.  Arthur's oldest son, also Arthur Abercrombie Bryce (1898), was gassed in the trenches during World War 1 giving him chest problems.  After the war, his doctor advised him to leave the smog of London so, he paid his £10 and went to Perth, Western Australia, married and started the Australian side of the family.  Arthur's younger brother, George Hex Bryce (1905) is my Grandfather.
from Brice to bryce
The Bryce name as we know it today changed from (the more commonly known) Brice, between 1819 and 1822.  Moses (my Great Great Great Grandfather) and his first 5 children were Christened Brice.  His sixth child (James) was registered as Bryce.  Moses junior, Henry and Louisa used the name Bryce when they married.  Charlotte Brice never used the name Bryce.  Moses came from a family of agricultural workers and as a butler, would be in the company of a different class of people.  His job would have required that he could read and write (probably the first one in his family), so he would have been able to tell the registrar how to spell the name Brice/Bryce.  Maybe it was a deliberate change to erase the past?
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